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Bursting From The Bunkers, Back to Normal Is Not Our Future

Updated: 6 days ago

Gen.(R)Martin Dempsey, 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff suggests that when we emerge from the pandemic crises we should make things better. Let's look at our shopping list for the future and start thinking how we want to get there.

Paul Sullivan @DrPJSullivan ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Thoughtfulness, creative thinking, less time stress when not needed, more strategic thinking towards human security and human development, healthier living.

Renee Brown @reneebrown1914 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey I would like to see COUNTRY above party! We are all AMERICANS! #unite

Terri Morgan @Wudang96 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey More Equitable. Balanced.

H. Whiskey November - Hugh Nunn @Laxpup ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Interdependence.

Kathy @Sealover50K ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey personal reflection, inclusivity, awareness/compassion for those less fortunate, stewardship with a goal of environmental improvement

Richard Schaefer @RichSchaeferMD ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey More humanistic

Rose Ellen Haggerty @rhaggerty651 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Kindness, compassion, decency, acceptance, patience, inclusion, tolerance, honesty ....

jkgoldilox @jkgoldilox ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Honestly and truth Sir. Hate is always foolish, and love is always wise.

Brian Kiviat @BKiviat ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey More willing to sacrifice for the good of our neighbors

luis @1sgmoran ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey I'd like to see a President Biden and a female VP.

Frans Jager @FransJager1 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey A commitment to reduce inequality

Paul @pblfc61 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Empathy, humble, teachable, and focused.

kathy @kjmaguire ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey More truth, less obfuscation

D-Lo @grammu88 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Kindness and Integrity. We are very short on these two virtues. #Change4theBetter

Tableaux (not the My Pillow guy) Crews @tableauxcrews ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Greater emphasis on the study of history in our schools, online or otherwise. What we don’t learn from the mistakes of the past is profound. Also, this could come in the form of a new “New Deal” if only we had visionary leadership.

Tableaux (not the My Pillow guy) Crews @tableauxcrews ·We could introduce visions of a new American mindset, improved infrastructure, transformation of current fossil fuel companies so they can become alternative energy ones through incentives (that could ensure market stability), etc...

Smilely’sSmile @Smileys_Smile_ ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Teaching critical thinking and formal logic in every highschool.

sinz54 @sinz54 ·Yes! That would be much more handy for the average American adult than Roman numerals or quadratic equations.

Libby McLeod @lib1dog2 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey More decent affordable housing for those who are at the bottom wrungs in society. Everything begins at home and to have that option for more people in society.

Molly Sullivan @mroachsullivan ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey My hope is that we become better listeners, that we act with kindness and put service to others in high regard.

Joy @meblinking1 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Recognizing that in a community, responsibility comes hand in hand with rights.

Lisa Lenskold @LisaLenskold ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Empathy.

Cherine.kemm @CherineKemm ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey People be more kinder ,to each other,and our beautiful earth,stop the wars,the killings,the greed of control of power,the political controls,of innocent people,, Maybe this virus is our God's,sign,to correct all the wrongs,,

Zugzwang @manerdm ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey The #TrumpVladministration has never been about appealing to the better angels of our nature. We get one last shot at course-correcting on 11.3.3020.

Bwco @bwco ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey A sense that we are all in this together. I saw that in NYC after 9/11, but I am not seeing it now.

Anne Kiefer @anmalaki ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey More intellectual investment and participation in keeping our democracy healthy by becoming educated voters and supporting the free press.

Kevin Shinn @KevinShinn ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Attentiveness. Simply, attentiveness—if at the end we’re not so broke we can’t *pay* attention!

Strange Reflections @Wingedskunk ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey More equal.

Dex McCain @DexMcCain ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Not just “having” mercy but actually “practicing” mercy!!

gkhilderbrand @thilderbrand ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey My view has changed regarding air and water pollution. The skies over major cities around the world are clearing and the ocean is improving as we see marine animals thriving again. Makes me think we should return to a better time when people were not clustered but spread out.

Joe Torres @Joetower81 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Competent leadership

Sheila Woofter @Sheila_Woofter ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Truth

JulieB @Barth3B ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey I would love to see more kindness, honesty and integrity.

JulieB @Barth3B ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey I would love to see more kindness, honesty and integrity.

sinz54 @sinz54 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey A much greater respect for science and its value in protecting us from various horrors.

Craig @Crai04541964 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey The Great Depression must have been something.

arlene ONeal @Dar_ONeal ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey I would like kindness and respect to be our new normal!

Michel de Nostradame — M @MdeNostradame ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey More open-minded, more inclusive, more honest, more charitable, kinder. A great start. A cultural mindset that insists on accountability for those in leadership positions would be nice as well.

MG Tammy Smith @MG_SmithT ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Empathy and collective responsibility

Chris McClintock @CMick2006 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey I hope we see a renewed call to public service, a return to civility in our discourse and reforms in our education and economic systems to better serve a greater proportion of our people.

GMJ @Jgoodmamajama ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey and @FPWellman Gratitude, personal responsibility to ones community, less materialism and constant distraction

GMJ @Jgoodmamajama ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey and @FPWellman Deceasing inequality and an acknowledgement of the importance and needs of working Americans with regards to their health, income needs and insurance

Rose @1ce2EveryMan ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey A sane President. A functioning Senate.

San Clemente Jedi @SanClementeJedi ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey and @StephenFarris13 Single payer healthcare, UBI, tuition free college, a return to traditional tax rates.

Lott Trump @Lott4Trump ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Truth is what we need & less Political Propaganda later proven to ALL be a lie! Simple Truth! USA’s #1 problem are Political Manipulation for Personal Gain Of Politicians & their Party!

BeckyCederquist@BeckyCederquist @BeckyCederquis3 ·Replying to @Martin_Dempsey Our laws respected by those in power.

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